Reviews for "The Legend of David 3"


I Like it :)

The Giant bird scene rules!!


MAKE CHAPTER 4, chapter 3 wasnt that terrible

Stupid idiot

He's totally right. The legend of Zelda:ocarina of time is a classic game just like all the games of Zelda. What do you know hat you can say such a crap.

It's ok you can make whatever you want.


you're an idiot, the ocarina of time parodies are timeless, just because you think somthing is out-dated does'nt mean you can bash someones hard work on the subject, damn...and great movie dude... been waiting for this one.

Stupid and ugly.

There's no point to it. It's just the same story as Ocarina of Time just with a guy with a beard and he talks. He does have a funny voice, but that's all that's funny. This story isn't even worth doing a parody of since it's been parodied so many times already. Plus, the story wasn't even that good to begin with. Just enough with the parodies. Yes, Ocarina of Time was a good game, but that was ten years ago. More Zelda games came out and tons of other great games. Let's just move on.