Reviews for "NGHH - Richard vs MadFLeX"

MadFLex ...

I hate that this battle happened so early, however I did enjoy it. Richard had nice lines, but FLex is great at flipping lyrics and still creating relevant lyrics around them. Flex just had great delivery, no matter how many times I hear his flow. It was just tough to actually choose but Flex just overall had a more entertaining performance.


Madflex had the better flow. Hedidn't bitch over the last battle either. the Problem with richard was that he brought up too much of his life. he didn't have to do that. The wasting of the first lines was a cocky move that didn't ay off. madflex's flow and his ryhmes really bring it. But to tell the truth neither of you did your best.

Richard J. Amtmann III

=Verses 1+2:=
Lyrics: MadFLeX
- Richard's first 2 were disappointing. Considering the first 2 lines can win a battle, I put this section against him.
Flow: Richard J. Amtmann III
- It was reeeaaally close. But this is the seventh time I've heard Madflex's flow.
Style: Richard J. Amtmann III
- I just liked a little more.
=Verses 3+4:=
Lyrics: MadFLeX
- That last line was awesome.
Flow: Richard J. Amtmann III
- Ditto.
Style: MadFLeX
- Got the edge in his last 4.

Presence: Richard J. Amtmann III

Verses: 1-1
Categories: 4-3 Richard J. Amtmann III
Lyrics: 2-0 MadFLeX
Flow: 2-0 Richard J. Amtmann III
Style: 1-1

Hawt. Nice battle!

Madflex for the win

I thought that both of you really came with the heat, but Madflex gets my vote.

Keep up both!



Richard's rapping reminds me of Slim almost, but MadFlex's rapping is just perfect, aggresive and full of emotion, and the last verse seals the deal.

Good luck to both of you guys.