Reviews for "NGHH - Richard vs MadFLeX"


This battle was close. I'm gonna give this one to MadFLeX. Maybe it was to his advantage that he went second, cause he flips like flapjacks. I really like Richard's style and voice, but he had a few too many defensive/self hype lines, though it build his rep, it didnt do much when MadFLeX is throwing the haymakers all day.


My immense popularity should count for 50 votes towards Richard J. Amtmann III. Obey my commands thank you.


Ridiculous battle. You guys have serious skills that I can only aspire to.

I absolutely loved Rich's flips in the second verse -- his Datacat lines didn't mean as much to me as they could have done, as I only started getting into these battles at the tail-end of last year. MadFLeX, imo, came off as cocky (rightly deserved, though, from his 6-0 streak).

Vote goes to Rich.




V1 - Starting out by talking about Datacat was creative but came across as wasted bars and arrogance to me. Maelstrom times infinite was a dope line. Love the "umadbro?" line (memes ftw). Saying your opponent is 6&0 seems more like praise than a diss. Afterwards came with some great multis.

V2 - Starting out Datacat flips I was shocked as always how much MadFLeX can linguistically manipulate a topic, my fav rhyme being "betamax". Love the music theory reference to a couplet. The "family tree.. branch missin" was great, but it reminiscent of a previous battle involving the Great Gatsby. Referencing my sexy tan is always a + :D. Coming back with the math flip was ill. Premature like bulimic vomit made me lol.

V3 - Seemingly unphased RJA3 came back with the kitchen sink, which could be taken as saying that Mad's verse had everything in it, then stayed too long on the topic. "I ain't perfect like yourself" was a dope call out, as was the fitness section/Simmons flip. Could've done more with the Pryor line, but still was good. End with more arrogant self hype.

V3 - The wordiness flip was good. I must have missed the Skyrim reference of an arrow to the knee. A crack in the lithosphere was super unexpected and a dope drop. Friends disappearing like RJA3's jawline was clever. I didn't understand wth the pop the bottle ref was referring to (champagne?). Ending with a call back to "I wouldn't have wanted to go up against me either" blew me away.

Great battle gents and this is definitely a really tough call. RJA3 def has skill near the par of FLeX and more charisma and attitude. FLeX's lines just hit a lot harder imho without wasting space on arrogance filler.

As much as I hate to continue a streak:
MadFLeX ftw.