Reviews for "NGHH - Richard vs MadFLeX"

Yea these guys are good. Totally should have a rematch later on. Vote goes to Flex though

that is so close, and boy do I wanna hear a rematch, (c'mon guys do it!).

If I gotta choose a winner I'd say MadFLeX 'cuz I think he got stronger towards the end and finished perfectly by quoting the beginning of Richard's first verse.

vote: MadFLeX

Madflex has everyone on this site all over his nuts, and to be honest this guy and maybe gasmaque (or w/e) is the only one who could give flex a run for his money. I call tie, but giving it to Richard cause it's harder to have 1st n 3rd verse and it's bout time someone dethrones Flex.

Both were great, it was close but I'm going to have to say MadFLeX won this one.

i can feal the beat