Reviews for "Renegade Commanders"

nice job

pretty nice for a fan made game, ive played c&c myself, red alert was my fave tho

Very good!

Graphically, very good indeed. It had me hooked for ages. But there are some really annoying bugs that happen about 10 mins into gameplay were it will just scroll off to the right until you are unable to see anything! Kinda annoying because you can't get back to the battlefield. Apart from that, great job.

Good game

I can see the amount of work it took to create it, but something is lacking.

The game keept me playing for 2 minutes, with no desire for more. The graphic uses 3D, but there is really a lack of design. And the usage of 3d in the gameplay is unnoticable - as well it could be an isometric 2D.

And infantry on segways - lol ;)

But amount of work to make the engine working, and AI programming is impressive.

I Think That This Is A Great Game!

Whenever I see a flash like this, I wonder: "How long did it take the author" and things like "How much effort was put into this?"

I think that you must have put an extraordinary effort!