Reviews for "Renegade Commanders"

I could not find myself enjoying it

It just felt wayyyyyyyyy to repetitive


This is not my kind of game, but I can't really rate you down because I think you still did a really good job within the genre. I like your animation, even though the game wasn't amazingly fun for me.


i wish here will be more tween-animations =) but in overall great game.

Very good

This game kept me busy for a little while. When it comes to strategy games.. I prefer to be defense until I research all my stuff up and build a decent defense.This however is not for those. You gotta cripple your enemy in the beginning in order to survive. I learned that the hard way with this game. I only played the skirmish mode a few times. But I'm sure I'll get to the campaign sometime.

Anyway. Graphics are pretty good. Although the nuke explosion and damage kinda left me disappointed. Thought it would kill most buildings besides the main base. It just the them down by 50 percent or so. The unit selection was good.. but could use unique units for each side. Like a set of specific units and whatnot in addition to the basic units. But you have a limit to what you can do for flash games so it's not a big deal.

At first I thought the game would have a bit of lag due to the 3-D. But to my surprise it didn't. I agree with Cloaked about the pace of the resources. Maybe up the speed a little so you have money in the midst of a tide turning battle for resources. Speaking of that, the territory thing is a good idea.. but it's more suited to games like Risk. I think it should depend on how many power plants you have. Like you have a base amount from your main base and plus whatever per power plant and maybe plus a bonus for blowing the snot out of your enemy. Just a suggestion

Needs a little work

Not bad, and definitely has a command and conquerish feel. Like the first one anyway. The game moves at a snails pace, resources should gather about half again as fast. Turrets are way too powerful. but that might be overlooked except for the auto-return fire deal. As I was getting the feel of it, I go strolling up with ten troopers planning on taking out one single turret. Instead they all die due to one rifleman shooting in their general direction. Same thing with one of my artillery pieces, couldn't run him back behind barriers due to it trying to engage units it couldn't shoot.

All that said, very good effort, with a couple of very minor fixes, it'd be solid front page material.

Awesome story, solid gameplay and responsiveness, great voice work. It's definitely worth a look.