Reviews for "Bad Hair"

Loved it.

Short and sweet. Thats the way it should be.

By the way, Ive got some great, thick, soft, all natural black hair on top me noggin if anyones interested.

Where is some nutmeg when you need some lol...

For something made in 48 hours, this is pretty good. Obviously, the art could use vast improvements but it being made in such a short amount of time; makes it forgivable.

I think the funniest and maybe saddest thing about this movie, is that this has happened in real life lol!

ahhh, bad hair.

hasn't this happened to just about everyone?


awsome, loved the sketchy animation and the facial expressions, and the voice acting was SUPERB! make us more!

I hate it when someone sells me bad hair. gotta grow that shit yourself....


that was amazing!!! make more make more make more!!!!!