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Reviews for "A Rhino's Stomach"

I very much enjoyed this.

I felt myself start to feel for the rhino, and usually, that means I like the flash. This one's no different. I also got a good kick out of the stomach sub plot. Here's to hoping that you get front page and make more animation in your future.

grabbelfant responds:

Thanks, I hope that I get frontpage also, but I'm not counting on it. Good news for you, I will make more animations in the future (part of my studie)

Veryy Good!

I really liked the animation, but I found it boring... liven it up a bit, but still, frontpage material!

grabbelfant responds:

Thanks! I understand people finding in a little bit boring, I inteded to make this like 3 minutes, but as always it becomes longer and longer and longer, I'm planning to do a serie of very short shorts, so I hope you are less bored than


I really liked this film. The animation was fluid and the style was original. The monkey really pissed me off, but of course, you tied up the loose ends quite nicely at the ending leaving me extremely satisfied. Great flash overall.

grabbelfant responds:


really cool!

I loved it! the music was good and the animation was brilliant! This should be frontpaged!

grabbelfant responds:

Woooow, the animator of the famous 'Hungry' animation!!! you're so cool, And thanks for your review


I thoroughly enjoyed this! Your art and animation is perfect!
I hope this gets best of all time soon!

grabbelfant responds:

woow thanks, but i don't think that will be the case XD