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Reviews for "A Rhino's Stomach"

Epic Journey

Awesome... You really captured a lot of it correctly. Good animation too. The monkey got what he deserved in the end. =P

grabbelfant responds:

why did the monkey deserved that??? it was a nice monkey, it was his tree! and some stupid rhino is climing into it to steal his aple. I think the monkey deserves better than he got at the end.... XD well thanks for the review


Well animated, very nice graphics and a nice style you have there. Story seemed to progress a little slowly, but that's alright.

But I didn't see any stickmen fighting, fart jokes or sprite marios. So I think you may have got the wrong website, since that's all newgrounds is these days :P

Keep up the good, original work :)

grabbelfant responds:

I agree totally
I've to shorten my movies and improve the stories. But you won't see me making stickman fart jokes or sprite marios... well maybe one or two fart jokes, but only good ones... thanks for the good review


we need originality like this to cancel out the countless video game parodies on this site

grabbelfant responds:

I agree! And I think not only the videogames are evil

very interesting

you have gone with your own original idea. its nice to see something refreshing on newgrounds.

grabbelfant responds:


THIS cartoon really makes me hungry now

Lol Great Idea , great grafix and a great story !!! :)

grabbelfant responds:

Lol Great review, great commentary, and great smiley!!! :D