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Reviews for "A Rhino's Stomach"

funny =D

Really enjoyed it great characters, awesome story. Hope to see more from you,
you have really good talent that NG needs.

Really great stuff!

Wonderful animation. The faces at parts and some of the body movements could use a little refinement but overall it was definitely well thought out and easy to detect that a lot of work went into it. The choice of music (besides mine) was also great! John Williams FTW! ha ha. Good theme, concept, and idea behind it all most importantly.

Good story!

I enjoyed the story very much. Those plants are pretty smart, who knows how many 'people' they could catch with those Burgers...

...And I'm pretty sure the physics behind a monkey swinging a Rhino around by it's tail are a wee-bit off, but hey, it's a flash animation, so who cares right? =)

Good submission, could make a follow up called the Rhino and his Bladder, where he's "got to go", but can't find a nice private spot to do it, and some internal characters like the stomach guys keep drowning in stuff and w/e. Just an idea?


grabbelfant responds:

Thanks, your right! That last idea is brilliant, maybe i will use that:D

Rock on, little rhino!

Very dramatic, I loved it!

grabbelfant responds:


What talent....what art

I really enjoyed this toon. I thought that the soundtracks were a perfect fit, and that the quality of the sound was amazing as well. The story was fun and funny and the animation was brilliant. I am glad that the Rhino's Stomach is good...

...for now


grabbelfant responds:

Thanks, i think they fit good also, but i think i will use less music, or less present. Nice review!