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Reviews for "A Rhino's Stomach"

Seen half of the quirky gems, my favourite so far.

I think this is an excellent animation as it has a solid story with a start, sequence of events and ending. The characters (rhino, chimp and two parasites) were developed well. The idea of having two parasites inside that were controlling the rhino and them having quirky things such as a table, the food sign and machines is what made this story exceptional and unique. I quite liked the art and colors, even though there is plenty of room for improvement.

I am a little perplexed by the story in general

The story has an adequate length of time to tell.
Though the animation is a bit choppy at times.
I felt as though it was somewhat rushed.
However it makes good use of sound effects.
And considering how long it was, it must've taken some work.
I appreciated the imagination, but at the same time...
I am befuddled that parasites in his stomach control his actions.

cool animation

when i saw the bananars
i almost yelled
its a trap

A nice story.

This reminds me of something that would be seen in a Pixar movie. I really thought the storyline was adorable, it was funny how every animal was always a step ahead of the rhino. The animation was well done, and I thought the venus flytrap characters with foods on their heads were very creative. All of the frame by frame was extremely well done. I thought this flash was unique and you know how to tell a good story.

The music seemed appropriate in all the scenes, it helped create the mood in the flash. I also thought it was cool how you frequently drew the landscape through the rhino's eyes, especially the scene when he looked under the tree. The story became monotonous at times, by that was the only problem I had. It was a story that had a lot going on that met many of my expectations. Keep up the excellent work.

Unique to say the least

Well you certainly straddled the line there between cute and disgusting a few times, and I don't get the impression you've studied rhino's much, but who cares? I doubt I'll ever see quite the same take on a hungry animal. You had some good animation in there, and the plot was clear and whatnot. I don't really get what the plants with food bait were supposed to be, if anything, but it's a minor issue. It's good stuff. (4/5, 9/10)

As for your supposed sound problems (if you're still worrying about it), I can't say for sure, but if you're getting a message from flash about a sound related error when you export, it's probably a certain sound or frame causing your woe. If you can isolate where it is (delete scenes, parts of scenes, etc until you don't get the error when you export, delete smaller sections over time until you find the cause) you can fix it by changing the sound from event to stream or even by moving it to another layer. I can't guarantee it'll work, but that's my advice. Hope it helps.