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Reviews for "Bioshock Soundboard"


Mr. Bubles Mr. Bubles come with me come with me

wow nice job !!1

yep it is a great job but i prefer the second one ,even i am not here to be a critic ,u should be in a collab dude,no really ,no seriously ,hey what is ur favourite game ???do u like FPS ,RTS or RPGs????'


it's good too hear what the little sisters are saying before you kill the big daddy.
i think that a good soundboard would be a list of all audio diaries. for people like me who are too lazy too collect all 100 of them. keep it up :)

Fuckin EH

Ive been looking for Bioshock samples do you still have the sound files for this? And can i get them off you?


The backround music reminded me how good and well written the story of the game is.