Reviews for "COGS OF WAR 2"


Johnny, when are we going to rape teh nubs on lolGears?


Pretty much the entire fucking story in a nutshell

Knew someone will be touching this idea and I'm glad it was JohnnyUtah. Hope it doesn't get taken off this time.


This flash rocks and I dont need to say that. I'm just wondering why so many people are talking about the first one, THERE WAS NO FIRST ONE! its called cogs 2 becasue its spoofing gears 2, this is not a sequal!!! likes this guy who jsut posted "the voices werent as good as the first one" there was no first one lol.

JohnnyUtah responds:

first rule of newgrounds is nobody talks about cogs of war 1

Quality! Absaloute quality

So true and so fucking funny! LOVE your animations! My dick is hard.

Aaawwww where's dizzy and the invincible native?

Yo that shit was pretty spot on.