Reviews for "COGS OF WAR 2"


wow. im just loving dom in this haha, the characters are pretty much perfect. and i got everything that happened. it wasn't really a spoiler. if i didnt play the game first, i woulda had no idea what was going on.

Holy shit, we actually sunk it...

awesome video^^

lip-sync was well made

cogs were drawed nicely

cock joke was nicely placed for a random surprise^^

''something's going on here...hmm''

what a masterpiece


This is exactly how I saw the game! I'm so glad you made such a perfect flash for it. It kicks major ass.....especially the whole mariaaaaa thing.....thats what I was saying. Thanks man!

Love it

Love how it sums up the story in a short way people still understand it.
Made me lol.

So amazing

I was laughing the entire way through. You're awesome!