Reviews for "COGS OF WAR 2"

gears 2 drinking game!

how to play
1: have friends over
2: get booze
3: when marcis says a queston or dom complains about his wife take a shot

Oh so very accurate.

That's pretty much how I felt through the entire thing, I was going "WTF" for the whole game, but yet it was still amazing (and a lot better than the 3rd game it seems)

Great animation and voicing and spot on representation of a crazy as F*CK game.

"Who the hell are those guys? ...Plural."
I love it.

100% Accurate.

I found this 100% accurate and true to the original in every single way.


took me a few moments to understand that the green monster with the huge dick was the brumark XD

Ha. Brilliant

Great flash, graphics and voice acting- especially with Dom. Would love to see a third.