Reviews for "COGS OF WAR 2"

so true

the whole game he whinen about that skinny bitch who probly dumped him and in his ulision thought they were still going out

WTF was that

First off, I've never played Gears of War or w/e that game is and I probably never will. It looks confusing. Excellent use of flash and all, but seriously, WTF???

What the Cog

I didnt understand the meaning of this vid.

pokes fun at all the corny

COGS OF WAR 2 by JohnnyUtah pokes fun at all the corny lines and scenes within Gears of War 2 game. Audience fan or not of the game will enjoy this short excellently drawn and animated satire on the game. JohnnyUtah only forgot to point out Marcus favorite line "Fix it" within the game Gears of War 1, 2 and even 3. Marcus says that way too much. Must see and 10 out 10.

Lol XD

So... so correct. If Marcus and Dom were real that would be what they were doing the whole time XD