Reviews for "COGS OF WAR 2"


awesome man


This is hilarious. That basically sums up Gears 2. Cheers Johnny.

JohnnyUtah responds:

jolly ho

And what the fuck is that?

God! So funny!! I can't stop laughing at that!! Great job dude! it made my day!!


havent played the game yet and you may have just ruined it for me but i still was laughing my ass off by the end off it. Nicely done, cant wait to see more.

JohnnyUtah responds:

eh sorry buddy i put up a warning now.

now i want the game!

well, i haven't seen the first video anywhere *wink* but this one seemed equally as great, and not at all terrible. was this really a day and a half's effort? probably nonstop i suppose... :P

JohnnyUtah responds:

welp i did reuse the gears, the shitty bg art is all new.