Reviews for "COGS OF WAR 2"


dude that wa *%#&ING FUNNY MAKE ANOTHER!

Pretty, cool?

I know this game cause i played the first like 400 times, and i bought the 2nd the day after it came out and i beat it in 8 hours. I understand ur point of them saying 'do this, do that, destroy that, snipe this, ride that' but you shoulda made a COGS OF WAR 1. ...it coulda done without the dick...honostly. Overall, pretty sweet, worthy of a daily feature, and a placing. Anyway, Nice job, a few good action scenes woulda done great too, but yea.

Spot on

this bassicaly sums up GOW2 in unda a minute. i fnd it Hi-larry-arse!

"very god...Uhg W'T'FCK' IS THAT!!!"

Its a new image of quers of war, but beter and have a very gods images.
P/D: Im speak spanish, i do the beter to speak in english

It was ok

Some people will like it while others may not.

It was a little funny but the joke gets over used. It was drawn nicely well although the animation is stiff. The mouth movements were alright though.