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Reviews for "Hello Apple"


One of THE most experimental things I've ever seen. Very cool!

MorrowDays responds:


Ok what was the exact point of this

It was entertaining. Fix the graphics please!

MorrowDays responds:

k will do!

I'm leaving a response...

Because you told me to.
I likes the colours and the use of text, and the horseshoe shaped guy moved beautifully. These movies your making kind of remind me of some of the John and Faith Hubley animations they made after having to go underground during the Mcarthyist communist hunting days...
http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=vTgma3K JuSw
There. A response. I hope you're happy. :(

MorrowDays responds:

Im very happy! that was a really wonderful short film you linked, I loved it. I thought it was really neat the way they had two kids voice the whole thing to make it sound almost improvisational, really good.

Their characters remind me a lot of Andrew Kauervane's stuff, the way the whole thing is filled and the defining lines are erased instead of just drawing the defining lines.

I'm sure you know about him but JUST IN CASE
http://andrew-kauervane.newgrounds.co m

thanks for the response boogley. you've got such an insane wealth of animation knowledge, its very impressive!

I Like Your Crazy Flash

That was a little bit mental, in the best way possible. Loved it. Thanks.
Sorry, no time to delve into interpretation.

MorrowDays responds:

cool, glad you liked it

Mind = Blown


MorrowDays responds: