Reviews for "Superfly Thongzai 2"

whats with the pig?

that was the best part


No offence, but first part was like freaking awesome when this was only ok. Too much of that kid saying "mama" and too little of the crazy flies, which ROCK! El Marko FTW.

cool stuff

I liked superfly thongzai a bit better. I was thinking of closing the window when the kid said mama, but luckily I got to see the kid step on the frog. Quite funny stuff ;)

EL kOndom!

Dam funny random stuff

Viva La El Marko!

This flash entry was very creative, i like how you made use of your previous material in your first episode to spawn great new ideas , that were fresh and creative. Overall good job you deserve a 10/10 for this flash and is definatly worth of front page.