Reviews for "StarShine 2"

well designed...

A better variety of music would have been nice. I had to stop or I would have fallen asleep.

otherwise, an ok game.


That is Just one of the best games ever. i would also like to say that i love the music you put whith it suits it very well,very calming. Thaks for making it.=)

Very Nice

Nice to look at, challenging gameplay, solid system and a great musical piece to go along with it. Great game.

By the way, is there any way to find said music?

very lovely

this game made me feel happy and i have fun playing it to. Music was good very origanal and fresh to me. others may disagree but good work my friend.

Very original concept

All in all, very nice. I loved the music, though the short clip got repetitive after a while. Can't think of anything I'd like to see added. If anyone wants to try my puzzle, it's 111256.