Reviews for "StarShine 2"

It just felt off

The way you had to move the star around the circle was really annoying, because it would jump from one side to the other when the mouse was moved in the middle of the circle. And it just didnt grab any attention


The physics system is completely fucked. When you're pointing directly at something from across the circle and you still don't hit it when you fire, something is wrong. The stars shooting in different directions just makes things more needlessly irksome. The only way you can make a shot at all is by using the hints and then you don't get any points. The music was pretty.


Quite entertaining but may i suggest the option of an aiming arrow, because sometimes its very hard to line up shots.

Interesting but...

Something about this game just didn't feel engaging. Most puzzle games make me feel like I have to really think about it or try things to get it to work. In this game you just pick one direction to shoot that happens to work. It never really felt like there was a lot of active thought needed to figure it out. I would basically try various angles, and if they didn't work I'd get bored and hit the hint button 4 times to see how it worked.

It never felt like the goal was worth getting. There was no hook in it to keep me occupied, it just felt like you kept guessing until you figured it out. The various star pieces made it more confusing than interesting, predicting long chains of star movements was to tedious and difficult to make it worth actually trying for me. It didn't feel like you had to use any thought or logic, you just had to follow the guidelines and tediously fill in some info to get the answer. It was like plugging numbers into a formula that's given to you, you don't actually have to do any real thought, you just do the math behind it.

I'm not sure how you could make this game more interesting. For me, it just felt shallow and pointless. Why bother taking the time to keep trying a bunch of random things when you can just hit hint 4 times? And big whoop, the stars light up. I've seen simpler games that engage me more.


fun game {although I got stuk on level 2 lol} the music was fantastic and the game play was great
MUSIC: 3 [oo]