Reviews for "StarShine 2"


Excellent puzzle game. And the ability to creat your own level adds up. Plus, a decent amount of levels and superb music. AWSEOME!


Pretty. I like the game mechanics and how smoothly things were put together! I agree with the dude below me, the song was great and definitely stopped me from going homicidal!

btw, is there anywhere that i can download the song? It's really really peaceful and nice and whatnot. I'd love to try and learn it on the piano.

But the game is what really drew me in. Most def will keep me entertained for a looooong time!


This game was pretty cool. The music was soothing and kept me from throwing things when i couldn't get the puzzle. Keep makin' em.


The puzzles were toooo hard, and i am stupid... like your game

This game is fun... but on crack

Dear star rapists
This game had great gameplay but seemed to be somewhat ...
ON CrACK. I also found it somewhat racist with a black star that did nothing. I would suggest a sequel with less racism and cooler stuff like explosives instead of gay stars.