Reviews for "StarShine 2"

This was cool.

This was really cool. ^^


boring i guess im not a puzzle playing kid

very good, one of the best online games ever!!!

a LOT of people disagree, but i can't help but think this game is utterly incredible!

the graphics are perfect for the game, it is well drawn, and the music is beautiful, i loved it. the dound effects both suit te game and are not annoying, and the versatility of the game (varied types of stars, so many possibilties of levels, able to make your own levels and play other's) makes it open to the whole world. in my opinion, an almost perfect game. i hope there's another coming soon!!!

what the?

it was the most boring game i have ever played in my life!!!!!

Bad people below!!!!! Cept Panda

Like panda said i loved also the concept and pretty little lights,
but maybe you could add in a search author as well as a search ID code.
Just a thought....