Reviews for "StarShine 2"


Awesome games just dont score well nowadays, anyways I enjoyed it, it was awesome. 10/10 5/5!


Ugh, way to borring. The music gives a headache. The game in i tself it one you, theres no other way to do it.


Yet again you amaze me with the game style and the music to go along with it! I loved the first one and the music for it, and this only compliments it by making it better with more features! I commend and applaud you for what you have done and I hope to see a Star Shine 3 someday in the future.



Heh, very challenging game! Whoa, the last level made my mind explode D:
I love this game! One of the best puzzle games I've seen so far, great job!

What the....

Why are people giving this game 1s? This is a good game and requires a bit more thinking. I like it. Keep it up