Reviews for "~NK~ "Time Lapse" (Old Track)"

This is an old track please make New one!!! :)

Holy crap, this was so good that i made this account just to comment on this song because it is so good. I really hope you do well because you have got real talent. Thanks for making such good music.

Been listening to you since '08, and your music evolves as the music I want to listen does. I would be a music maker, but every time I'm about to make a song, you have already made it. Great stuff dude.


I love the intro, this song is really good. I like 1:09 ,the drop is really catchy too!


The only problem I have with the sound is that damn hi-hat in the background from 0:40 until 1:22 and 1:35 to 2:17 around. Very irritating, but otherwise your sounds are great and if edited and refined, this could easily be considered professional grade music.