Reviews for "Professor Layton pt. 3"


I think that's the funniest thing I've seen in my LIFE, let alone on Newgrounds. I cannot wait for Part 5, holy potatoes man, Luke, the Professor, Carl, the Doctor.. They're all too amazing.

Please keep it up, and please maintain the hilarious standard of high quality in your "scripts".

Skaijo responds:

Hahaha, what "scripts" ? xD

Lmao, I know what you mean, though. I'll do my best.


This is one of THE funniest things I have seen this year,even if it was released last year.

I have never felt more sorry for that poor girl than I do now though...


That was the single funniest thing about domestic violence I've ever seen! Wow, one step closer to hell for saying that, but I don't care, that was awesome!

Skaijo responds:

You're compliment is a step forward anyway. I'll need to think of more DV jokes in the future though. I worry for my soul.


This is twice as funny if you've actually played "The Curious Village" for the DS. Portraying the usually calm and obedient Luke as a psychotic, puzzle-obsessed, and hyperactive ADD child was absolutely hilarious, especially when put next to a short-fused and abusive professor. The words shifting and flickering perfectly in sync with Luke's insane jabbering was just icing on the cake. Animation's a little low-class, but I could care less, it was FUNNY!


lol it was so funny when layton said he killed luke's parents it said stabby above the knife.

Skaijo responds:

Wow! First person who actually caught that minute detail. xD