Reviews for "mmmm brainz!: Episode 1"

Great job but..

the sound at the menu was really weird.
but the movie was great;)


Amazing job! <3
Your animation is fluid and the jokes are hilarious!
"I'm a zombieeee!! ahhh!!!"
"Heyyy... you didn't really do anything!"
Keep it up kiddo!! :O)

SuperJeffoMan responds:

Jack burton for life! haha, thanks san :O)

Great style.

Unique sense of humor.. Its corny but not corny..just funny. Lol I dunno but I give you a 10 good sir.

SuperJeffoMan responds:

Thanks Tystarr


that made absolutely no sense! I loved it! lol

Very good

LOOOOL.. thats everything thet i have to say

SuperJeffoMan responds:

haha thanks dude :D