Reviews for "mmmm brainz!: Episode 1"


i wanna see the next one

pretty funny

it was kinda funny "AAHH!!, um... i'm stuck ah, there we go, RAWr.. ah oh ow ah ouch, how the fuck is that even possible?" that was funny.

SuperJeffoMan responds:

thanks man

I dont really get it...

I thought the animation was real nice but it wasn't even mildly entertaining.

P.S.- To the last guy: the internet actually IS the place for beating off.

SuperJeffoMan responds:

useless indeed

Hey didn't know if you knew but this is great

Yeah well you see its really well done from start to finish...and also as it wasn't 15 minutes of really stupid crap it's actually the perfect length. The fact that I want to see more does not in fact make it TOO SHORT only some sort of moppish fool would argue that this is too short as there is in fact no required length to anything a book could be 100 pages or 1,000 pages. My penis is far above average size and therefore im better than pretty much everyone making my current argument about not caring about averages the right one. To return to my original point this movie is fantastic and your work gets better every time. I'm a huge fan. People should go take a film or art class and come to embrace the variations in any medium be it genre, length, materials used etc. Go watch tv if you want every cartoon to be 11 or 22 minutes go beat off to family guy and tom and jerry and get the heck off the internet, the internet is not the place for beating off. This cartoon is episodic MEANING it could eventually be over 15 hours long, so please don't give lowered scores to something because you want to see more, it's simply to put it mildly - really retarded. Again this is really good and if people gave decent reviews you'd be inspired to make the next one even better, am I right? Great work mate and and anyone who says otherwise is a bloody wanker.

SuperJeffoMan responds:

Thanks for the review Chris. And yeah I agree with you on the whole length thing. I've seen a lot of great animations that aren't very long at all.


i love that you did not animate the mouth for lack of time or whatever your reason, but you made a plot point of it. excellent. and the dialogue was awesome, especially the falling down the hill to land right where he started and comments on it..love the work...mmmm we need more brainz!!!

SuperJeffoMan responds:

haha actually, its weird, the mouth not moving on Zombie's character started the whole idea for this animation. I wrote that idea down and then scripted the scene and dialogue and it kind of just developed from there. I'll have more mmmm brainz coming your way :) I'm happy you liked it and thanks for the review dude :)