Reviews for "URKNOYZ - Doomsday Device"

Cathode Raybots brought me here, not Madness.

That's some pretty good beats go you got going, but you've lost me past 1:41. No offence. As it does get a bit spacious with no music in the slight pause between the beats. Regardless, I still enjoy listening to it.

:D I like this Music!

Madness brought me here!

THIS SHIT IS FUCKIN BAD-ASS im going add it to my favs

Fucking god damn finally found this.

Drooled over it on my last pc, harddrive fucked up and i lost it. Been looking for it for days. FINALLY.
Listen to this if you're driving to work and you really don't fucking feel like going to do some stupid shit that you're honestly not in the mood for.

Gimme dis. ;)