Reviews for "Chris & Harry"


Low blows are THE worst. But I have to admit, this video was freakin' awesome. Hey, do you think you could make more videos like this? It could be interesting...

Once again, Chris has greatly entertained us.

With an epic battle of epic proportions, I have been greatly entertained.
It seems Chris' animating has gotten WAY better since the days of A Random Day.

And speaking of A Random Day, that tune during the battle, I remember, was also played during the Hospitel part of the third A Random Day (Oh shit, fanboyism D:)

This, like the other animations by Chris, only makes me want Adobe CS3 even more. Or just a microphone. Whichever comes first.

The Easter Eggs reminded me even more of A Random Day, down to the last stickman. Also, that song was intriguing. Interesting. Entertaining, or whatever, like the other Easter Eggs.

He should say...

SHOOP THE WOOP!!! The movie was great and unexpected. Keep up the good work. It also reminds me of the awesome series :3

hahaha nice

noe this was fun! and loved that "easter egg" idea and that song sounded like dead kennedy's... uuuh fun flash very well done and i just loved the ending! haha


when i saw the loading screen i was like... omfg what the F is that gay mfkin sh!t . my bro said c'mon dude u'll like it. i was like no F way !


i enjoyed that shit.

Oney responds:

lol thats the way i like it, thanks for the view man!