Reviews for "Chris & Harry"

Pure Awesomeness

And from heavens descended...
Chris o'neill who delivered a kick...
That could shatter bones...
Into the crotch of HappyHarry...

Reference much, lolol herp derp


Lol I remember a friend of mine showing me this video a while back fucking faces were priceless the animation was great and so was the battle.


Well! I have Found It! First. Before you start the flash. You see the The Title Aniamtion. so to find the easter egg. you have to watch the whole flash. (sorry) so then when the Animation the same as the Title animation comes up after the whole fight. You will see an easter egg on the table. Click It and then there will be three easter eggs on the screen. I am not telling you what they are so find out for your self! Please make this Review Helpful and Spread the Word! Thank You and Have A Nice Day


Chris: "What? It's.... Harry.... he's... over nine THOUSAAAAND!"