Reviews for "Chris & Harry"

It's so sweet when we settle our differences<3

You're progress is like 1000% man, splendid work.

Oney responds:

thanks man, appreciated!


That is both classic and relentless action funniness all in one.
Loved every second, especially when the dude is talking about his business and turns around.
Action was clean, greatly scripted and executed! Keep up the great work!!

how's the cake?

CHARGIN MA LAZERS pssfftttt the planet exploded <3 and then they fought because chris forgot to put peanut butter jelly (time) in there, poor harry, his children are going to be born with giant feet marks in there heads.

Love is a 4 letter word

but this is just amazing i love the dragon ball z kind of fighting styles

the ending is the funniest thing i have ever seen :D


I gave it a 5 the second I saw the intro image witha very female harry partridge taking tea.

It kept me lauging the whole time at the faces good ol chris does

really awesome flash. The easter eggs are funny too

Oney responds:

lol tea