Reviews for "Chris & Harry"

As far as I remember this was the first animation I saw from Oney. I remember in 4th grade after seeing Spongebob Sickpants shortly after that I thought you were mentally insane. I do now get your comedy, this is very funny, to this day I think this is great animation, although you have improved a lot.

HAHA i swear that i've watched this like 20 times and still laugh at the ball kicking part.

I was just scrolling around, and find this quaint-looking video with a cake. I thought I was going to watch a cute video with overly-witty jokes. And then I find an amazing and hilarious fight ending with a painful-looking Fulcrum Of Doom.

......And now I am speechless.

when i saw this video the first time i was like theres gonna be nothing epic in this cause of the song and BAM! hahahaha! thats how i know Mr.oney is full of surprises!

What the f... did I just watch ??? O_o

It's totally crazy, but funny!
But crazy...
but... funny...

What the f... did I just watch, seriously ? :p