Reviews for "Chris & Harry"


This is epic...
This has to be one of the best and the most random DBZ style fighting videos I have ever seen.

Keep up the good work!


Ok first off let me say i've watched this about 100 times due to the fact that it fucking owns and it makes me lol every time.

Great animations, they're drawn with care and look great in the flash.
Quality was amazing.
Voice and other adds were amazing.
The overall LOL factor was fucking dead on.
Basically i loved this flash!

Oney responds:

im glad you liked it!

That was truly epic.

Wow. This was one of the best animations I have ever seen, and here's a few reasons why...

First, the art was pretty good! The characters were well drawn and animated.

The music was perfect, superhero fight music, only thing appropriate for this. The animation really played perfect with it.

The effects were also very well done, i loved your use of a more dramatic camera shake and all the shockwaves and dust and such. It all played in very well and really kept me hooked on watching it.

The audio was also well used, i loved how all the sounds really seemed like they were made in a sound studio. The explosions were a bit blowing on microphone-esque, but it made no difference.

So all in all, i loved it, 5/5 and 10/10. :D

Oney responds:

thanks d00t!


LOL Their facial expressions are priceless!!!!

awsom, but why?

Why?WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?? great flash, i laughed and all, but seriously......why the balls?what did they ever do to you?

ps, whats the song on that extra vid after the movie?