Reviews for "Chris & Harry"

There must've really been some strange stuff in that cake! What a crazy fight, and what an unexpected ending, and what a hilariously unexpected office-angled interlude (really had me laughing that one). Nice collection of Easter eggs too, stick figures and songs and everything. XD Glad they weren't too difficult to find, no need to re-watch the movie and click on minuscule details there. Grand work, and I can't believe I missed this stuff back in the day.


this is old now....i'm old now......YAAAAAY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh

Nice work here

so from the get-go I really thought this was good, and I was unexpectedly taken back with how good it really was, so that for sure shows your effort and time put into this, There are various ideas and tips you could go about and make this even better, I would love to see that happen, Now Criticisms aside Its a decent flash entry shows your skills and effort. A good action flick you have here you even added some randomness to it and then with the good music it really pushed this into the next level, so nice job. Great flash here, I really like what you did here and the Effort does show, there was a few things that could be made better and some extra effort on your part would, theres.

So I may have a few pointers on this production here discussing how one can Apply possible new ideas, not expecting a full Makeover or anything but lets see what we come up with. Add more "EFFECTS" especially with all the fight scenes that would be a big plus.


Wow, this is the most British show I've ever seen.

lol helloe