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Reviews for "KKS - Impulse"


Theres plenty of elements to this track like the guitar at the start and the chilled out flute. I like the bass pattern you have used nearer to the end.

Prett great track here everthing is smooth and works well

KKSlider60 responds:

Thank you very much ^^
Glad you enjoyed it

I should totally be studying right now.

This is just great. It's got a nice funky feel to it which is supported excellently by a cool Ambient structure, a crapload of neat effects/synths, gradual progressions and superb transitions. I'm seriously impressed, and it's sad that you're not more popular. Also, I haven't reviewed audio in a while so sorry if I come off as a little rusty :3.

Starting with the sounds, I was very impressed with the different sounds you used. There are some heavy funk influences from guitars and the bass, but then you go and use those awesome pads and effects, giving this a unique arrangement. I would've liked the addition of a flute solo somewhere in the middle, but it's just personal preference. Overall, you've done an excellent job with your choice of instruments and sounds.

The melodies don't stand out too much since they're not really the focus of the track, but there's an array of various cool melodies and rhythms to keep me interested. I especially liked the composition of the bass, and the bass pattern at 3:07 is sweet. By the way, there's some guitar note at around 1:11 that seems to be a wrong note. It might have been intentional, but I don't really like it much.

The percussion leaves no room at all for improvement. Seriously, it's flawless. Not only were the samples so fitting, but the rhythms were so cool. I especially like the change from a swing-like rhythm for the first half of the song to a straight rhythm for the second half. It kept the percussion interesting. Also, unlike in Contact, you've nailed the volume of the percussion. It sounded very clear and easy to hear, but didn't overcome any of the more important instruments. By the way, the bongo rhythm heard mostly at the very beginning was *so* cool. Honestly, I love it.

The transitions are also great. My favourite transition would, by far, be the one at 0:19 where you introduced that awesome bassline. The 0:41 transition was also one of my favourites since it was so smooth, particularly the entrance of the guitar. 3:07 was a cool transition too.

My only complaint here is stylistic. I think you may have overused the cymbal rolls, just a little bit. I'm not really one to talk, since I have that habit too and I'm a lot worse, but, while trying not to sound like a hypocrite, I do think you should use the cymbal rolls a little less. You used them so much that they started to lose their effect. For example, using a cymbal roll at 3:07 was a bit unimaginative when there are so many other ways to transition to that bassline, like some sweeping effect or a bass slide. The cymbal roll at 4:30 feels a bit unnecessary too.

Now for my main gripe with the song, and while it's not that much of a big problem, I still think it's worth mentioning. Somehow I feel as though this song has two different styles, and they don't match with each other that much. First, there's the funky, trippy feel with cool rhythms, guitars, etc... (heard very prominently for the first minute and a half or so of the song) and then there's the more serious ambient tone, heard mostly in the last section.

It feels as though you want to get the best of both worlds but you're not trying hard enough to. I'm not saying to scrap all the ambient influences or all the funk influences. Far from it actually - I enjoyed both sides of the spectrum. However, I feel as though you still need to integrate them more with each other. It's not that much of a crisis and I doubt it's worth fixing, but it's just something to keep in mind in the future.

Intro was a perfect compromise between being progressive and getting into the action. You added the right amount of progression but didn't make me think 'get on with it already' while it was playing, if you get what I mean. Outro was good. Nothing revolutionary, but still a satisfactory ending.

All in all, this is a really cool song. Even though I have a number of complaints, the problems are all really minor. I really enjoyed this! Keep it up. Also, mind returning a review if you get the time? :3

Favourited as an artist.

KKSlider60 responds:

My, what a detailed insight! *-*
I will respond directly to the complaints since I really have nothing else to say than a basic "thank you" for the shitloads of kind compliments you wrote me. ^^ I actually cannot disagree either, because sometimes I do overuse some transition samples like reverse cymbals without even noticing, and it's basically the lack of diverse sound effects that sends you a step back to really imagine a whole new world in your head. What you might perceive this effort as a blend of two distinct styles is something I'd concur, because I'm still experimenting and trying to define my own sound, while drawing influences that are indeed very different to each other. The tracks I'm making right now mark a very important transition for me, from the suffocated poorly-executed minimalism to the vast palette of atmospheric electronic music. All the flaws you've pointed out in great detail will indeed be a reminder for future tracks.
I will definitely check your track ;3
Many thanks again

Dis reminds me me of belly dancers...

KKSlider60 responds:

And jelly rolls.

Nice, but i'm a little bit more into songs just like this, but with a little more Heavy Metal theme... Good song overall though.

KKSlider60 responds:

Sure, man.