Reviews for "NGHH - Emergency vs SKS"


His flows were nice, and just came harder on the beat. Nice work both mc's


ER clearly showed himself more comfortable than SKS on this battle and won by quite a lot of difference...
SKS sounded pretty sloppy and lacked good disses... His flow wasn't bad, nor was him, but there were some things he will have to improve.


I should have done this voting as the battles came out instead of all at once.

So yeah, goin' with Emergency, SKS was a little stilted.

Someone 9-1-1

SKS had some ok disses and imagery but flowed terribly. Best personal was the "another name switch" line.

Emergency had overall better build up and disses.

Ending with a freestyle was garbage, no lie.

Emergency ftw.

damn i love the beat rappers was kinda good but Emergency was way better