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Reviews for "Daedalus' labyrinth - HAB"


Impressive work to say in the least, all of the instruments compliment each other with the utmost precision, it sounds as if it were pulled straight from a movie :D

By far, one of the best pieces I've come across in awhile.

5/5 (I would so give you a 6 if I could)
Favorited :D

habon responds:

Thank you very much Rinibra, I'm glad you enjoyed this song.

Very impressive!

It's been long since i saw a classic song this good. I'm not going to repeat hat has been already said by Rinibra, but i totaly agree.

By the way, did you happen to play MM9 (Might and Magic 9)? Anyone who played this would agree with me, the first 25 seconds reminds some of the sound tracks in the game, oh nostalgia :)

Pretty good....

This is an excellent song. Though not quite perfect in every aspect, it's arguably close.

The instruments all work very well together to create an intense and powerful atmosphere throughout the piece. The drums were especially good, and other instruments certainly didn't disappoint either. There were a variety of nice melodies with great transitions.

My biggest criticism lies in the very beginning and very end. The song began with just one instrument with a little drumming for a few seconds and then just abruptly switched to the melody, immediately bringing in the other instruments. I honestly didn't like this sudden change, and felt that it would have been better if there was some sort of buildup. I had similar feelings about the ending; this piece ended with only the strike of a drum while all the other instruments had been playing only a few seconds earlier.

Overall, this is a beautiful song despite issues I had with the beginning and end.

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This song was rather neat and gives me that feeling like I am going through a maze and yet having no idea of how to get to the exit and find weapons here and there to help me survive against the animals unleashed into the maze. Tune in itself kind of feels like a maze at the same time.

The drums have that rather dynamic feel and sound very dramatic as if trying to give the feeling of something always, always happening in that strange maze. The chorus was nice and I like how light it managed to stay light when it played while the song played on and kept going.

The harp sounded beautiful here and was very well composed in that melody. The wind instruments went nicely and I like how they give that over the top drama effect to the song like something could happen at any moment as the person turned each corner in the maze.

Alternatively, this could make an excellent boss battle song too, nice.

Overall, very dynamic and great maze/boss song!

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