Reviews for "Advanced Sprites Tutorial"

Still a problem!

The tutorial is very good and stuff, but I still have a problem!
Everytime I import a sprite it looks all blurry! Do you know what's wrong?


The sprite tutorials i came across didn't explain as much as u. Much thanks.


I even learned something from this, and I thought I knew a lot about sprites! This is very informational, and that you give a narrative rather than just text gives more incentive for the watcher to pay attention.
My only complaints, similar to coocoo and B36D, are that there's no way to go back through the tutorial.
Have a nice day, yo!

thank you for tutorial!

the most helpful tutorial for sprite i ever seen and the part about backgrounds save me from troubles

but you need subtitles,because sometimes voice really quiet


My only complaint is that there is no part where you could select where you want to go. Other than that it's Awesomely awesome!