Reviews for "Advanced Sprites Tutorial"


its great but im haveing some problems like every time i click Ctrl + b it highlights everything even the white area


your asome i think i might have my sprite done today

thank you

just to say first, yes i am a noob. thank you for putting this video up. it really helped me. ill know who to thank if i ever do make a good flash. but you left things out like how do you switch from one movie clip to another. and adding a rewind button would be great since i sometimes missed instructions. but other than that this was helpful. thx.


This has been a good tutorial, but I have a question. How exactly do you tween sprite poses like before you talked about the jokes?

Well Thats What I Call Level 1!

Wow i'v bin looking for something like this but could never find it...
Great job!
P.S. Crashgek i had some problems with that to you can try to fix it by saving the sprites as a victor if that dose not work then i'm stumped...