Reviews for "Advanced Sprites Tutorial"

The first part...

Is cr@p,m that doesn't work at all, it deletes the whole damn image!

Could use more info

Even though your tutorial covers up a lot of things not covered by other tutorials, it is stil pretty basic in terms of animation. You forgot to cover other things like, where to get quality sound effects, music and voices from videogames, filter effects like blurs to give an illusion of speed, moving backgrounds and special effects and more do and not to do, I'd give using dragonball z sound effects a no no, overused as hell man. You could cover all that up in another tut (if you ever plan on making another) and another thing, you could make a menu to allow us to either take the basics or skip right into the advanced stuff. But overal is alright

Its shiny, and it gets the job done but...

Where was the advanced part exactly? I think this would be better suited with a name like "step by step sprites"? I'm sure it'll help alot of beginners but any one who has a basic knowledge of flash already knows all of this, in fact i don't think anything more than the explanation of ease is new to most of the sprite tuts on NG.
but really i guess theres not much too sprites to begin with, huh?



Really helpful

I can see what I did wrong in the past of my other animations.
Excellent tutorial.