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I hope ppl pay attention to this!
I dont make flash but if i did i would hope that i watched this first.

PaperBat responds:

Thanks :)

I'm sick of shitty sprite flashes

And I think this tutorial could definiteley help people get off on the right foot when it comes to sprite flashes. It is very detailed but laid out in a very specific step by step format which streamlines it perfectly. You definitely had a good point too when you said be original. When people use pre-existing characters, they MUST be original in order for their flash to have appeal, so I'm glad you emphasized that point, all in all, this is a very well done professional quality tutorial, keep up the good work.

PaperBat responds:

Thanks, i'm glad to hear we succeeded in doing what we wanted to do :)


Only about half of this movie had good advice. Also, PaperBat, you ignored my suggestions for some reason, after saying you would change it. But thats personal so I won't let that affect the review.

You left out excellent sources. Sprite Database is too overlooked, it would've been a much better suggestion than Sprite City. Also, Mystical Forest Zone is a very good background resource that should've been added.

This is right on the boundary of basic and advanced. It probably would be advanced if you had touched upon much more techniques like sprite editing. For instance, Game Maker's sprite editor works much better than importing whole sheets into Flash and animating them. You don't have to worry about Flash crashing from a large sheet, the gifs are readily animated by import, and you can edit the sprites animations before import very effictively.

Also, NEVER trace bitmap backgrounds. The only point of ever tracing a background would be to delete colors you want transparent, but that can easily be done in another program, seeing as they're only 1 frame or so. Tracing backgrounds, especially large ones, does nothing but cause tons of lag. It has virtually no advantage at all.

There are only a few good points in here, such as the "crouch jump", to make sprites look less static, as well as easing and FPS suggestions. There are even better techniques for improving jump animations that could've been included, such as making horizontal jumps look more realistic.

This tutorial had potential for shedding light on some of the lesser talked about "good" sprite techniques, it even did somewhat, but it was ruined with lack of completeness and misleading advice. It teetered on a 7, but the very disappointment I got from this dropped it to a 6.

PaperBat responds:

Well these are techniques that were taught to me from various sprite artist, so i guess everyone has there own way of doing things, there isnt a "RIGHT" was to animate sprites, just various things that help other people.

As for the sites, The reason i couldent change them was because the voiceactor was asleep, so i couldent get them changed.

Thank for the review anyways


In my eyes this is perfect. When I think tutorial I think a few things. First thing is that its easy to learn/understand, second you can go your own pace, third it has to be very detailed and informative to the target audience you are trying to teach, and finally it can't be boring so you don't lose the persons attention. In my personal opinion you guys did everything that needed to be done to make a great tutorial. All I can really say is excellent job and I hope you do more of these.

PaperBat responds:

Thanks for the review, and we hope to see some great flash from you :)

omg a movie by basspro55

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PaperBat responds: