Reviews for "Advanced Sprites Tutorial"

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Well, it helped.

great but i cant do it please responce

i have serched for adobe flash like 10 times and no luck the clostest thing i8 could find was ds game maker and i cant uplod THAT. overall 9 as it was very detaled and i understod all of it. :)


hey can you make and put subtitles in your tutorial cause uh my computer doesn't have speakers or headphones so please put subtitles next time oh and great tutorial!

Very informative. :)

I'm very new to flash and I'm working with sprites to get me started. This tutorial was definitely informative in getting me started. I give it a 9/10 only because it doesn't have a back button in case you missed a step, and sometimes the voice wasn't always completely clear. Otherwise, it's perfect and great for beginners. Thank you! :)


Did I notice Crash Bandicoot theme playing in the background?! haha Nice tut by the way!