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Reviews for "Wooper's Adventure"

this is an awesome game!

1 thing though, why do you have to drink 100 cups of coffee to beat mewtwo in quick draw? i beat them all in one go!

OrangePylon responds:

Several other reviewers think otherwise. :P


its nice to have some meme lulz once and awhile ,
newgrounds is the last place I would expect it though :O

OrangePylon responds:



I could not get past the third lvl.


OrangePylon responds:

Were you trying to go under him? Because that probably won't work. :P

and then


OrangePylon responds:

And then...

...An actual review.

Or not...

EDIT: Zolen sent me what constitutes as an actual review in a PM. He apparently meant to post the following:

"Interesting a funny combination of memes and a relatively original spin on a basic idea of the "save the princess" concept. I actually had a lot of fun, but at one point I made a mistake and died and when I wondered if I would have to start all over or if there was a continue somewhere I found a helpful menu where I could easily skip all the way to the end, while that is nice for those who don't have the time for beating the entire game but want to see the end, it would be nicer if there were the starter points would be less spread out allowing those who don't want to skip a part but don't want to start all over again a reasonable jumping point. Then again I have no programing ability of my own so this may be out of your ability or simply to data wasting, so otherwise I see this as a 10/10 and a 5/5.

Fun and entertaining which makes a basic puzzle game interesting enough to want to get to the next part."

My response would be:

No, it's not impossible at all to start on any level, but that would render the whole lives system redundant. Those levels were supposed to be checkpoints, and if people wanted to skip over levels, then that's their choice. If you died on level 8, you're supposed to start on level 6 again.

This game has average gameplay and pretty nice humor
I wonder where the developer find these sprites?

OrangePylon responds:

Thanks. If memory serves, I found them on The Spriter's Resource circa 2008 in the custom Pokémon section.