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Reviews for "Wooper's Adventure"

amazing job

this is one of the most fun games i played thank you for making this.GOOD JOB.=)

OrangePylon responds:

You're welcome; it was really just for shits and giggles.


<Read Title>


OrangePylon responds:

You should never be able to sum your review up in your title.


i love you man ;_;

OrangePylon responds:


I love it!

But all I have to say is, I like the fourth generation Pokemon. Not all of them though...If I think about it really....The majority of Pokemon in my Team, and storage thing, has original Pokemon...Whatever, I like the starter Pokemon. Especially Turtwig and Chimchar, for the reasons, they evolve into bad ass guys. Anyways, amazing game, just wanted to share my opinion on fourth generation Pokemon.

OrangePylon responds:

Feh, I don't like 'em. A lot of them are butchered versions of the old, much better ones. Magmar, Electabuzz, and especially Rhydon seriously did NOT need those tacky evolutions. The requirements to get some too are just insane and pretty much scream "Yeah, you HAVE to buy the strategy guide...". Eevee only evolves when leveled up in certain areas of the region? Happiny will evolve into Chansey IF you level her up IF she's holding an oval stone and IF it's daytime?

very good game but.......

crist you ignorant cock suck why do you have to be an asshole in the comments
i mean they are the people that play you games man.

OrangePylon responds:

Ignoring the irony in that first line, I can answer that question for you.

I'm going to assume you were talking about my responses in general, and not just Wooper's Adventure, because looking back just now I didn't do anything terribly jerk-ish. Pokemon: Pee Red gets a lot more traffic and a lot more useless reviews that I tend to get more aggrivated with (just in case anyone reading this needed a bit of context).

I sort-of-not-really pride myself on responding to every one of my reviews. Film-making (and game design as sort of a side-thing) is my one true love, and I take it seriously. I show this by responding to constructive criticism. It makes the reviewers feel like they're being heard. I like getting responses, so I return the favour.

That is to say: I like giving responses to actual REVIEWS. If someone tells me that my art needs work, that my timing was off in places, or that they didn't like the theme in general, I'll thank them for their input and take their critique into consideration... So when I instead find:

"lol i beat the game :DDd"

Forgive me for giving a sarcastic "GOOD JOB!" Good to know I put several months of work into this so that people can write less than a line and not even bother using propper grammar. When I put all my creative energy into something only to get feedback like:

"hey good flash man whens the sequel coming????"

I want to stab them in the neck with a pair of scissors. Whenever I read that, I picture a tubby 4-year-old tugging on his mom's shirt going "MOOOORE." I don't care if they liked it or if they voted 5 a hundred times, there's no actual appreciation there, and so I say they're fair game for witty responses.

I know it's ridiculous to expect everyone to write an essay, but hell, just something short but to-the-point like the review below yours is acceptable. I actually had something to respond to.

That's a good way of telling if your review is worth posting. Ask yourself what the author could possibly say back. If your review looks like:

"lol i liked it 99999/5"

Don't be surprised if you get a sarcastic response, because I am not just going to write "Thanks." to every review. It defeats the purpose.