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Reviews for "Wooper's Adventure"

good but hard me da fan of pokemon

OrangePylon responds:


This game has average gameplay and pretty nice humor
I wonder where the developer find these sprites?

OrangePylon responds:

Thanks. If memory serves, I found them on The Spriter's Resource circa 2008 in the custom Pokémon section.

An old classic. This game has aged amazingly.

*reads the FAQ* Hey screw you, combee is the shit!

By the way, is mewtwo in the quick draw minigame actually beatable or is it just a scripted loss? I remember me and my sister spending several hours trying to beat him.

OrangePylon responds:

I think it's hilarious that it's made an impact on people. I made this at 13, so it's funny to reflect on it all these years later.

Mewtwo is indeed beatable. The frame window for beating him is something ridiculous like 2 or 3. You basically have to predict when it's gonna happen because it's too quick for any normal human's reaction time, haha.

Also, if it makes you feel better, I've since warmed up to Combee. A lot, actually -- I quite like it now.

Thanks a lot for leaving this review. :)

is ok but it feels like Mario Maker

OrangePylon responds:

Beat Mario Maker to the punch by seven years? I'll take that.

Actually, I guess any ROM hack can claim that before I can.

This is a pretty entertaining game though there were some issues that I had with it.
1. The "Continue" button allows you to go to Lvl 1, Lvl 6, Lvl 11 or Lvl 16 even though you haven't even reached those levels yet. Yes, going to 16 is cheating, but that's the sort of thing the game should prevent. It would have been better if those continue levels were unlockables and were only unlocked after the player has passed through them.
2. The levels were way too small and the difficulty seemed to linger around a very small area. There were only a few things you had to do to finish each level. I would have liked more complex puzzles and a greater increase in difficulty such that the last level is like the peak of the mountain peak while the first level is the base of the mountain.
3. The menu layout. After you have made a choice there's no button to go back to the main menu to make another selection. This is a huge flaw. You need to have a Back button so if a player accidentally clicks a button in the menu they can go back and make another choice without having to refresh the webpage. This is especially annoying when there are 30+ second ads before the game.
4. Just a technicality but in the Quick Draw you had the following Pokémon, in this order: Beedrill, Charmeleon, Primeape, Pinsir, Mewtwo. I thought you were pretty clever and you arranged them in increasing speed, because this was true up to Primeape, but Pinsir is actually slower than Primeape. Below are the Pokémon in order from slowest to fastest based on Speed base stats:
Beedrill - 75
Charmeleon - 80
Pinsir - 85
Primeape - 95
Mewtwo - 130
Unless you had Mega Pinsir in there it should be in that order if you want to get really nitpicky.
5. Another thing about the Quick Draw. If I click "QUICK DRAW" and then click on the image of Scyther, instead of clicking on "Play" or "Instructions", "QUICK DRAW" reappears again and is not clickable. Now because there is no "Back" button to go to the main menu, I have to either pick "Credits" or "Fun Facts & FAQ" to get out of the screen. You really need to get this fixed.
6. If we took Pokémon mechanics into consideration, Wooper is Water/Ground and so Wooper is:
a.) Immune to Electric
b.) 1/2 x Resistant to Fire
But you had Slugma and Voltorb one-hit-kill Wooper when Voltorb and Slugma should not be very effective against Wooper. How about an Oddish instead of Slugma and a Sunkern instead of Voltorb?

These are most of the issues bugging me about this game. Other than this it's a pretty fun platformer.

OrangePylon responds:

Thanks for the in-depth review. I made this game six years ago when I was 13, and a lot of technical touch-ups (back buttons, menu glitches, progress-based continues) were either oversights or unable to be accomplished with my programming knowledge at the time. These would all be fixed had I made the game now.

#2 is the first thing I would fix if I were to remake this -- around level six or so is when the game is at its hardest, and the later levels focused more on the explosion power-up than on enemies, which made the game much easier.

Just as a side note, Newgrounds only recently added advertisements before games. When this was originally uploaded six years ago, nothing was intended to play before it.

The Pokémon in Quick Draw were generally arranged by speed, but Pinsir was chosen as the second last opponent because of it being a counterpart to Scyther. It was a stylistic choice. Also, Mega Pinsir did not exist yet.

Wooper in this game dies in one hit, so type effectiveness doesn't really come into play when you only have 1HP -- except admittedly in the case of his Electric immunity. Voltorb, however, doesn't use any Electric attacks in this game and instead mows Wooper down with, I don't know, either Tackle or Rollout. Either would at least affect Wooper, and would sufficiently do 1HP of damage.

If we're getting this technical, here's a freebie: I'm surprised you didn't comment on how, although Gen IV and gender differences had been released at the time, Woopette still has all four protrusions on her antennae. This was an oversight by 13-year-old me not being as big a Poké Freak as 19-year-old me.

I really do appreciate the critique coming from a Pokémon fan's perspective. I hate to plug my own content, but I'm working on a new Pokémon fan game, Pokémon Campaign, which aims to be much bigger in scope than this old flash. I'd love if you checked out its demo that's available and find any oversights in Pokémon canon, because I'd hate to find things that bug me like this after release.

Thanks again for putting so much time into your review,