Reviews for "The irRegularGame of Life"

Too hard

Gets way too hard way too fast

squidsquid responds:

mmm, most people don't agree, in fact the first 20 levels or so were designed to be relatively easy.


It's complicated to understand how to play but too easy to beat. I know it doesn't make since but it's true.

nothing there

all 3 times I tried to view this it was nothing but a black screen so I have to rate based on what was given.

squidsquid responds:

Huh, I've had one or two other people (out of many thousands of plays) report this. Not sure what could be the problem other than it being a specific flash player version or installation problem. Try updating your flash player!


I quit after it said it wasnt the board game one:(

Maybe I am too dumb, but..

I couldn't understand how to play this game.

Besides tutorial was too long and complicated to watch the full length - make it easier to understand.