Reviews for "The irRegularGame of Life"

pretty good

that was a pretty good game and a thinker except when i used the codes

squidsquid responds:

Yes, there is usually not much thinking involved when you look up solutions.

Too Scripted

I remember having fun in the game of life way back when it was programmed on windows 95 and having to figure everything out.

This really looks more like "Hey look, some holes... lets see what happens when you fill them in" and not really a problem solving game.

I don't find puzzles where you need to make patterns symmetrical difficult at all.

good idea, borring game

this game has got a great idea behind it, but theres alot of things that should be changed before this game deserves a higher rating! make the play area bigger, it is way too small, it is no fun clicking one pixel at a time especialy if you have bad eyes. also controls kinda suck, theres no back button in the tutorial. I dont wanna rag on tihs game too much because i do like the idea ALOT. it jsut needs alot of improvement.

no idont like it

I dont like it it confuses me. but if I tried a little harder i'd understand

squidsquid responds:

Why don't you, um, try a little harder then?