Reviews for "The irRegularGame of Life"

Level 15..... and blah


squidsquid responds:

Poor x8105 is jaded and has seen it all before.


When I tried the game at first I found it nothing but frustrating, anyways I tried the sandbox mode which was quite fun to play around with all the patterns...


squidsquid responds:

Fair enough, nice pattern.

Could be better

Maybe it's supposed to be this way... but I didn't know what the hell was going on. It seems that if you put the dot somewhere near the others, it MAY do what you want. It just got dull and too complicated fast. But you still get a lot of points for the programming that must have gone into this.

squidsquid responds:

The game follows simple rules but despite this its not easy to predict the outcome based on initial conditions. So its not really designed to be game where you can fully reason out the solutions, there is meant to be an element of trial and error. Most people seem to find this fun as the patterns that get produced along the way are pretty interested etc...


i learnt some techniques after a while but it goes from common sense to trial and improvement methods when doing it. well it did for me

not a bad game just not for me i guess.

... what?

deffinately not for the stupid. like me. >:(

squidsquid responds:

At least you are an honest stupid person ;)